Happy Valley: Season 2, Episode 5

*Contains Spoilers*

I WAS WRONG! In a previous article, I wrote about my theories concerning who the ‘broken bottle killer’ in Happy Valley could be. Tonight’s episode proved my theories completely wrong. In an emotionally intense scene, sheep farmer Darryl (Robert Emms) confessed to his mother (Susan Lynch) that he was the murderer and rapist the police have been looking for from the start of this season. At the end of the episode, Darryl’s mum took it upon herself to sort out the situation as she loaded her shotgun, pointed it at the back of Darryl’s head and shot him. The last thing viewers saw was the blood soaked window of the farmers’ house as the closing credits rolled across the screen. But now we know who the killer is (or to use a more fitting word – was), what’s left to happen in the valley?

Well, it’s important to remember that Darryl wasn’t responsible for all the murders; John Wadsworth is still on the loose. My prediction is that DI Jodie Shackleton (Katherine Kelly) will suss it out and arrest John since she’s already worked out that the crimes weren’t committed by a single perpetrator.

Elsewhere in Yorkshire, Shirley Henderson’s character Frances Drummond moved in next door to the Cawood’s as she developed her plan to murder Catherine (on the instruction of incarcerated ‘boyfriend’ Tommy Lee Royce). She needs to move quickly though, Clare Cawood’s cottoned on to who delivered Ryan’s birthday present on behalf of his Dad.

I’m interested to see how the second season will end. Ideally, Drummond’s plan will be foiled and the Cawood’s will live to see the end of episode six. This way, the BBC could renew the award-winning show for a third season so that Royce can finally be released from jail. In fact, that would be my main criticism of the second season of Happy Valley. For much of this season, it’s felt like we were waiting for Royce to be released whilst Frances carried out his work for him. Although the ‘prostitute murderer on the loose’ storyline was characteristically dark and incredibly exciting, viewers are really here to see what could happen to Catherine and her family. Will Ryan ever be able to understand what his Dad did? Can Tommy use Frances to get revenge on Catherine? If so, who’ll be hurt in the process? I’m sure writer Sally Wainwright will leave some questions unanswered (perhaps in favour of a third season), but what will we find out in the final episode next week?

Happy Valley concludes next Tuesday (15/03/16) at 9pm on BBC One.