One of Us: Episode 3

One of Us reached its climactic peak in this week’s episode with suicide, blackmail and philandering leading the drama; so what traumatic events could Harry and Jack Williams possibly have left up their sleeves for the finale episode? The grey fog, mist and expressions of angst that viewers became accustomed to following the Scandi-noir fad of this decade have also come to characterise the mood of One of Us. Each and every character seems guilty of something so it’s hard to predict the guiltiest of all.

The funeral of the murdered couple was finally held in this episode, but all did not go as planned. Proceedings were cut short when the police turned up to arrest the Elliot family based on the Douglas’ accusations. Upon questioning, Rob Elliot (Joe Dempsie) confessed to the murders. As viewers who are monotonously presented with these kind of half-hearted confessions, we know instantly that Rob is not the killer. Tragedy was rife in this episode with the suicide of the Elliot father and the mounting guilt of the Police Officer charged with solving the case. Elsewhere, Moira Douglas (Julie Graham) was revealed to be sexually involved with farm worker Alastair (Gary Lewis) which will be all the more tragic for husband Bill if Alastair is also revealed to be the killer.

The increasingly complex twists and turns of a murder-mystery overflowing with possible perpetrators beckon the viewer to don their deer-stalker and predict who dunnit. So here is my prediction: Bill Douglas (John Lynch). Douglas appears the guiltiest of the two families, and although his blatant involvement in the mystery might be a red-herring, I think there could be a twist. In the first episode, we never actually witnessed the original killer in the act of killing. Could this mean that the identity of the real original killer is the same as he/she who offed the presumed original killer later in the first episode? Bill Douglas would have reason to kill the couple since he protested the victims’ marriage from the offset, he later appeared guilty in wedding video footage that surfaced in this episode. This would mean that the supposed killer was actually on his way to the farm to warn the two families. Tomorrow’s finale could see me smug in an armchair declaring that I knew the outcome all along and later considering a career in criminology, or embarrassed of my intense conviction that Bill Douglas is the real killer.

Find out tonight on BBC One at 9pm.