Him: Episode 1

I was thrilled to see that Carrie, the 1976 Brian De Palma classic, was being remade as a TV series. Wait, you mean Him wasn’t a Carrie remake? Strange, it had all the same characteristics: the tormented weirdo child, the abnormal parenting, the telekinesis. Yes, Him was a lot of things we’d seen before. But it certainly wasn’t boring.

Him stars Fionn Whitehead as the child in question with Katherine Kelly and James Murray as his separated parents. All brilliant actors. Murray stood out in one of my favourite TV series of last year, Cucumber, and Kelly has been equally impressive in Mr. Selfridge among other things. Whitehead is the lesser known of the three but performs well in a role that gives little room for movement. In some ways, he reminds me of Eleven from Strange Things; both had very few lines and so had to find other ways to engage the audience.

Him continues next Wednesday (26/10/16) at 9pm on ITV.